In an ever-growing market with changing design trends, how equipped are we as artists to deliver the ultimate bridal? Come, learn, grow & fine tune your bridal henna skills and develop your business to deliver the bridal that brides are after. A combination of theory, in-class demos and practical knowledge, the 2-day masterclass will cover all aspects of the art of doing bridal henna.

Henna art is not just the handwork of a skilled designer, but an expertise attained through passion for artistic excellence and an aptitude for innovation. For all those looking to make a career in it or looking to give an expression to the creative genius in them, this two-day intense bridal masterclass in Baltimore MD is perfect for you.

This is the first step of our worldwide initiative to motivate and inspire henna artists, support and enrich their passion for it and improve their skills by introducing innovative ideas.

All participants will receive training and tips from three worldwide renowned henna-artists. You will learn why they chose a career in henna art over other lucrative options, how they excelled in it, and where they stand today. We invite all artists to take a leaf from our experience and expertise to build momentum based on your passion for henna art, hone your skills, and join the first step in becoming a HennaPRO.

Gain an insight into how Bharathi, Divya & Monita approach, plan & execute bridal henna. Meet them face-to-face and be part of the Troupe and Stand Out!

  • Once in a lifetime opportunity
  • Learn from three worldwide renowned henna-artists
  • Stay relevant in cross-cultural and contemporary world with creative designs.
  • Explore & enhance your bridal henna skills
  • Be part of an Interactive masterclass with plenty of hands-on learning
  • Benefit from one-on-one help to fine-tune course learnings between classes
  • Get a good dose of motivation to realize your dreams
  • Invest in learning how to make henna art a successful business